About Us

Desi Adda: A Confluence of Tradition & Modernity

Situated in the heart of Irving, Texas, Desi Adda is not just another Indian restaurant—it’s a culinary destination. Born out of a passion for authentic Indian flavors and a vision to fuse them with a contemporary dining experience, Desi Adda stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of Indian culture.

Our philosophy is simple: to celebrate the depth and diversity of Indian cuisine in a modern setting that resonates with families and food enthusiasts alike. Every dish at Desi Adda is crafted with precision, using age-old recipes and the freshest ingredients, ensuring that our patrons experience the true essence of Indian gastronomy.


We believe in quality as the foundation of our culinary philosophy. We use the finest ingredients to create taste and presentation masterpieces.


When you dine with us, trust that your meal uses local, sustainable, ethical ingredients, supporting our community and the planet.


Our staff is committed to making your visit exceptional, prioritizing your comfort and satisfaction.

Health and Safety

Your trust extends to your safety. Desi Adda prioritizes health and safety with stringent hygiene protocols for your peace of mind.


Without a doubt, I've always adored the specials at this restaurant. But let me tell you, their Chicken 65 over Sambar rice is an absolute must-try! Moreover, this establishment stands out among the few Indian restaurants that boast a fantastic ambiance for dine-in.

Agastya Gannu

It's different to the other Desi restaurants out there. As a person who's visiting outside of Dallas I would definitely recommend this place. Specials here are must try and their flavors, masalas are what makes it unique. I wish them a good luck 👍🏼

Sandeep Guduru

We were offered an incredible Indian dining experience with warm hospitality. Their numerous menu has authentic dishes such as veg and non-veg thali were made in a traditional style. Had an excellent experience altogether.

swaptaduity das